"If The Walls Could" exhibition, the Alfred Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, November 2022. Illustrations for a Graffiti poem by Itai Druckmann. Colored pencil.   The original poem is in Hebrew: אֲנִי בּוֹהֶה בַּתְּמוּנָה שֶׁלָּךְ מַמְתִּין לְהִתְפַּכְּחוּת שְׁתֵּיכֶן לֹא בָּאוֹת


We Are Family

Mother and son sketch. Digital paint. Sisters challenge, Liora Grossman’s Meayrimim. Colored pencil.  

Good Night Monster

Illustrations for part of Shira Geffen’s children's book “Good Night Monster”. Liora Grossman's Text-Image class for children's books illustration, Meayrimim. Colored pencil.


Ravid R.

Hair and makeup production. Makeup, hair, styling: Dorit Lev. Model: Ravid Ronen.